weighty_ghost (weighty_ghost) wrote,

30 Songs in 30 Days

Day 2 - A song that helps you clear your head

Wintersleep - Weighty Ghost

Not sure why. I had a couple of possibilities but this song does a combo of clearing my mind, makes me feel good, removes bad thoughts, settles my mood, and makes me dream. I first heard it from the preview for One Week (seen below) and for those who havent seen it (majority of you, given its a Canadian made movie) its about this guy who gets news he doesnt have long to live so he takes off on a motorbike across Canada, trying to take in as much life as possible, asking big life questions, trying to figure out if he just floated through life or really lived any of it. And it has Joshua Jackson, so everyone wins. You can also see my hometown a handful of times.

The rest of Wintersleep's work is really different from this song, which is strange. But I love this song, I love the music and the lyrics. its just good.

Tags: meme

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